About Quartz

by Emylee


Quartz is the most versatile gem family, spanning the spectrum from well known gems like purple amethyst, green amethyst and golden citrine, which on Gemvara are listed separately, to lesser known varieties like chocolate brown smoky quartz, pink rose de france amethyst, lemon quartz, rose quartz, and clear rock crystal, which we group under quartz. As beautiful as it is affordable, quartz is an irresistible addition to your jewelry wardrobe.

Smoky Quartz adds earth-tone sophistication to any jewelry design. Cognac, chocolate, caramel: many of the world''s rich and decadent things are a beautiful brown. Smoky quartz has been valued for thousands of years. Although most smoky quartz faceted for jewelry today is mined in Brazil, it is also the state gemstone of New Hampshire and the official gem of Scotland, an early source.

In alpine countries, rosaries and crucifixes are often made from smoky quartz because it was said to protect from danger and also to help soothe grief. Smoky quartz is also said to bring its owner inner peace.

Smoky quartz used to be known as smoky topaz: you can still find jewelry stores today, online and off, that mistakenly refer to this brown quartz as topaz. The brown color of smoky quartz develops when rock crystal is exposed to radiation, either in the rock where it forms or after being mined. Most smoky quartz on the market is enhanced with radiation. At Gemvara, we assume the smoky quartz we carry is irradiated and so should you.

Rock Crystal, clear colorless quartz, is one of the treasures of the ancient world, more durable and luxurious than glass. Ancient kings and queens drank from rock crystal goblets, often encrusted with gold and gems. Fortunetellers used rare transparent quartz to inspire visions because rock crystal was said to have the power to enlighten and to open the doors to the spirit world.

Rare and beautiful, natural rock crystal has refraction that man-made glass crystal can''t touch. The Greeks theorized that rock crystal was ice that was frozen so hard it couldn''t thaw. If you crave a big rock that won''t break the bank, rock crystal is beautiful and natural, with lasting value.

Rose de france amethyst is a pale pink-purple quartz that blushes with a delicate lilac hue. Rose de france is the gem of serenity. Amethyst is the birthstone for February and the 6th and 17th anniversary gem.

Rose quartz has a pale powder-puff color and milky translucency. Although opaque rose quartz is common, the finest quality, which is transparent enough to be cut in faceted shapes, is difficult to find. The soft shade and velvety texture of this gem are feminine but also provide the perfect counterpoint to black, navy, and gray.

Legend has it that rose quartz is the love stone, with the power to heal a broken heart. Crystal healers advise sleeping with rose quartz under your pillow every night to keep love strong.

All quartz gemstones are durable and suitable for everyday wear. Clean with mild dish soap: use a toothbrush to scrub behind the gem where dust can collect.

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