About Lab Emerald

by Emylee


What is a Lab Grown Emerald?

Lab Grown Emeralds (also called Lab Created Emeralds, Lab Emeralds or Created Emeralds) are precisely what the name suggests, Emeralds grown in a lab. Lab Emeralds are produced under the same conditions and materials that produce Emeralds in nature, in a vastly reduced time-frame. 

Both mined Emeralds and Lab Emeralds form from the same mineral (Beryl) and are 100% chemically and optically identical, the only difference lies in their origin. The majority of mined Emeralds form with inclusions created from bits of gasses and minerals that the stone takes on during the crystallization process. Because the process of growing gems in a lab can be closely controlled, Lab Emeralds can achieve the gem’s famous rich green color with minimal inclusions. 

Why choose Lab Grown Emeralds?

Mined Emeralds are very rare and very expensive. Finding a large Emerald with great color and next to no inclusions in nature is rarer still. With lab grown gemstones available, the bold, coveted look of Emeralds is now accessible to many for the first time - and at a fraction of the cost. 

Not only is a Lab Grown Emerald great value, but all lab grown gemstones are by nature, conflict-free.

Fun Facts & Famous Emeralds

- Emeralds, both mined and lab grown, are the birthstone for the month of May.

- Emeralds, both mined and lab grown, are the gemstone associated with 20th, 35th and 55th wedding anniversary gifts.

- The name Emerald comes from the Old 12th century French word, esmeraude, derived from Medieval Latin esmaraldus, from Latin smaragdus, from Greek smaragdos meaning "green gem".

- Emerald inclusions are called "jardin,” the French word for garden because the inclusions often look like branches or plant roots.

- Cleopatra's Gemstone - Emeralds were famously beloved by Queen Cleopatra. Rediscovered Emerald mines in Egypt were named Cleopatra’s Mines in honor of her love for the gem.

How to Care for Lab Grown Emerald Jewelry

Lab Grown Emeralds are perfect for daily wear. While all Emeralds have a Mohs hardness rating of 7.5 to 8 (out of 10), the presence of significant inclusions in Mined material makes these stones far more delicate. Since Lab Grown Emeralds are created in a controlled environment that drastically limits inclusions, they are a far more durable alternative.

We recommend regularly cleaning your Lab Emerald jewelry with mild dish soap and warm water, using a toothbrush to scrub behind the stone where dust can collect. If additional cleaning is required, Lab Grown Emeralds are durable enough to be put into an ultrasonic cleaners, with regular jewelry cleaning solutions.

Neither Lab Grown Emeralds nor mined Emeralds should be exposed to any abrasives or harsh chemicals. For more information about how to clean your Lab Grown Emerald Jewelry, contact our Jewelry Consultants.

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