About Green Quartz

by Emylee


This lovely seafoam quartz relative of amethyst, also known as prasiolite, has a flattering celadon color that goes well with everything in your wardrobe, from pastels to neutrals to brights.

Prasiolite comes from the Greek for 'leek stone.' But today''s green amethyst has a softer color that is more sage than leek: miners have learned how to irradiate the quartz to produce a softer, more lovely color.

As affordable and wearable as its well-known gem siblings, amethyst, citrine, and rock crystal quartz, green quartz is growing in popularity. It''s an alternative for February babies who prefer green to purple and is prized by jewelry designers for the way its hue blends with both warm and cool colors.

Like all quartz varieties, green amethyst is durable and suitable for everyday wear. Clean with mild dish soap: use a toothbrush to scrub behind the stone where dust can collect.

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