Plan your Proposal

by Emylee

We’ve seen so many happy ring recipients say yes...

It’s our duty to share a few of the things we’ve learned along the way: there are the little details, like finding her ring size and further personalizing the experience with engraving, and then there are the logistics of the ask. Who do you tell? The rule is, there is no rule! Tell as many people as you need to pull off the perfect engagement: Need help with style? Enlist her sister, mom or best friend. Is she the traditional type? Ask her father’s permission first. Need extra hands to pull off the perfect plan? Get your friends to help. When you do pop the question, make sure you have her parents and best friends on speed dial so she share the good news right away. Consider capturing the moment with pictures – we've had customers hire photographers to hide nearby and snap the perfect photo of the moment. We’ve had customers get really creative with scavenger hunts leading to the ring, and fortune cookies that read "Will you marry me?" And it’s always nice to have champagne on hand to celebrate. Most importantly: Trust that she'll say yes, no matter how you ask!

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