What should I know about Diamond certification?

by Emylee

When you’re learning how to buy a engagement ring, knowledge is power.

Our diamonds are certified by a third party – the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) which is recognized as one of the world’s top authorities on grading diamonds – so you can feel confident in their value. Each diamond is unique like a fingerprint, as they contain a number of properties that make them special. Those properties are classified in terms of the 4Cs of diamonds factoring into the sparkle, size and price of your diamond. We have tens of thousands of diamonds to choose from, and will help you find that unique stone that works with your budget and her style, and more importantly, makes it the perfect diamond for both of you.

Unlike diamonds, there is no accepted grading system for colored gemstones. But Gemvara has very high standards for its gemstones, which are all hand selected for their beauty. Our fine quality gemstones are very well cut, with lively brilliance and very good polish. Gemvara selects premium medium-toned gems in each variety so that they complement each other in styles with multiple gems.

Whether you choose a diamond engagement ring or a gemstone engagement ring, feel confident in the quality and workmanship you will be receiving.

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