by Emylee

When it comes to diamond color, less is more. The less diamond color a stone possesses – the brighter, whiter and clearer it is – the more valuable it is. Stones range on the diamond color chart from D (colorless) to Z, which is a noticeable yellow coloring. After cut, color is the next most important characteristic when choosing a diamond. The reason is because the eye naturally sees the sparkle first (from the cut) and then the color.


Gemvara only carries colorless and near colorless diamonds up to a J rating. Unless you’re a trained gemologist or looking at two diamonds side by side, the difference between colorless and near colorless stones is nearly imperceptible. Keep in mind, when choosing your setting, diamonds reflect a yellow hue when paired with yellow gold, making a lower-rated stone a better value when negotiating your 4Cs.

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