How should I care for my jewelry?

by Emylee

All of our jewelry is made with the absolute highest quality materials available, and each design is carefully tested to ensure stone security and durability while maintaining the delicate qualities associated with fine jewelry. With all the care that goes into customizing and crafting your piece, we want you to wear your Gemvara piece proudly. We aim to keep your jewelry out of our repair shop with our excellent craftsmanship, but here are some helpful tips to ensure that your piece is properly cared for and maintains its beauty and charm for a long time to come.

  • Clean your piece regularly. You can do this at home with warm soapy water and a soft bristled brush. Cleaning behind the stones will keep them from becoming cloudy from a buildup of soaps or lotions. This will keep your stone sparkling, and will remove the risk of skin irritation this buildup can cause. Always make sure your jewelry is dry and clean by wiping with a cloth before putting it away. For cleaning instructions for specific gemstones, visit our Gemstone Library.

  • Remove your jewelry while washing up. Soap from your shower or from washing your hands can cause a film to form, making your stones appear cloudy and dull. By removing your jewelry beforehand, you'll spend much less time cleaning your piece and more time enjoying its sparkle! When taking off your rings, don't pull them off by the gemstone: this won't damage the gem but it can, over time, stretch the metal that holds it in place, making the setting less secure.

  • Remove jewelry while working around the house. We recommend removing your fine jewelry during any activity that can be hard on your hands. This could include gardening, housework, dish washing, etc. Removing your jewelry while performing these tasks can prevent physical damage to your setting and stone, and exposure to harsh chemicals and cleaning fluids. Soft stones like Emerald and Fire Opal should be worn with extra care. Don't leave your jewelry on the rim of the sink where it can slip down the drain! 

  • Jewelry should be the last thing you put on in the morning, the first thing you take off at night. Cosmetics, hairspray, perfumes and lotions can contain chemicals that could damage your jewelry. Putting your jewelry on after hair and makeup in the morning is ideal, and removing it before your night-time regimen will limit exposure to potential damage. Wearing gemstone jewelry to bed can lead to bent prongs and out-of-round rings - meaning loose or lost stones. 

  • Remove your jewelry while swimming. Everybody knows that your fingers will swell on hot days, but did you know that cold water can shrink your fingers and make it super easy for your ring to slip right off? Don't let this happen to you! Always remove your jewelry before going for a swim. Swimming in chlorine pools can have a negative affect on jewelry, causing color changing and even structural damage, and swimming in the salty ocean can erode the polished finish of your new bling surprisingly quick. When you take your jewelry pieces off to apply sunscreen before a dip in the ocean, it's best to leave them off until you're back on dry land!

  • Remove your jewelry while playing sports or working out. Hard blows while playing sports can damage jewelry, but jewelry can also cause physical harm to the people involved. Removing your jewelry on the sidelines will keep you and your treasured gems safe while you're in the game. We discourage lifting weights while wearing rings to reduce scratching and denting, along with the risk of stones chipping or falling out.

Life is full of surprises, and there's no guarantee that your jewelry will never be subjected to damage, even if you follow this simple guide in caring for your lovingly crafted jewelry from Gemvara. These are simply the best practices recommended by our jewelry professionals to keeping your fine jewelry in top shape. Our jewelers are more than happy to provide repair services on your beautiful pieces when necessary, and offer an excellent one year warranty on the craftsmanship of our pieces for those times when they miss the mark on absolute perfection.

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