Who is Gemvara? What makes you different?

by Emylee

No two people are exactly alike, and we believe jewelry should be the same. By combining the craftsmanship of fine jewelry with the ability to customize, we work with you to create one-of-a-kind pieces that tell your story.

All of our jewelry is completely customizable. Select a design and watch it come to life with your choice of up to 29 natural gemstones, 6 lab-grown gemstones, and 9 precious metals.

Our jewelers are masters of their craft. They search the globe for flawless gems, handset every stone, and handcraft each setting with trained precision. Because we have no inventory, each piece is made to order - every time.

Serving as both your personal shopper and concierge, our Jewelry Consultants are here to guide you through our collections and share their vast knowledge of gemstones and metals. 



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